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The TWO Things I really love

July 31, 2006

By googling (searching) the web, I can across vast of information bases. I here is to tell my keenness being searching the web to know all about a particular subject. Internet is an informative and Illustrative database, which will never second for any source in the universe.

My favourite things on the internet may vary from your likes. But, I think this how I index my interests on the web.

Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia
A vast information base on the earth, which host several sister projects such as Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikibooks, Wikispecies, Wikinews and etc. These are growing day by day with participation of various types of volunteers all over the world. More – Whole thing in one HTML page
A descriptive page will deliver after typing a word and clicking the Tell Me button! This information is retrieve from various sources like Wikipedia and Web Technology Encyclopedia and more… If you want to know about Tsunami you can just type the word Tsunami in the text box and hit the enter button or click Tell me button! In an instance of a time you will have the information in ONE HTML Page. More

Please make your comments on this post. You may submit your likes on the internet related to reference category.


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