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SMS short words

August 2, 2006

When I go through my friends SMS messages and email messages several times, I have noticed that they send me message with some “coding” words which are meanigful words rathar than bogus.

I love to share those words that I have acquired from my friends messages and internet. The CODE words and Meaning are available below. Do your comments to me on this post.. Keep sending messages!! 🙂

2DAY -today
2MORO -tomorrow
2NITE -to night
AAM -as a matter of fact
AFAIC -as far as i know
AKA -also known as
ALOrO -all or nothing
AML -as soon as possilbe
ATB -all the best
B4 -before
BBFN -bye bye for now
BCNU -be seeing you
BFN -bye for now
BRB -be right back
BTW -by the way
BYKT -but you knew that
CMIIW -correct me if i’m wrong
CU -see you
CUL8R -see you later
CYA -see ya
4EVRYRS -for ever yours
EOL -end of lecture
F2T -free to talk
FITB -fill in the blank
FWIW -for what it’s worth
FYI -for your information
GAO -glad all over
Gr8 -great
GSOH -good salary, own home
GSOH -good sense of humour
GTSY -glad to see you
H8 -hate
HAGN -have a good night
HAND -have a nice day
HTH -hope this helps
IAC -in any case
ICQ – I Seek You
IDK -I don’t know
IIRC -if I recall correctly
IMHO -in my humble opinion
IMNSHO -in my not so humble opinion
IOW -in other words
IYKWIN -If you know what i mean
IYSS -if you say so

I will post more SMS codes tommarrow! Keep in touch!!


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    it is very use full.good job.

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    very use full.


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