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Astonished experience!

August 3, 2006

I and my friends were visited to “Kids Play Zone”. The place is consists full of playing equipments. All the games are played by not only by kids but also elders too. These have set us to get a ride on very instruments.

Firstly, we have got started with electric cars. It was so fast than I guess. But, some of cars’ accelerators are wont work. I have best ride with minimum number of collision with other cars. It was very interesting!

Secondly, we have climbed to the seats of scrambler. Oh! I just had such experience in my whole life time. It was so fast. Moving and rolling and moving, rolling. I have no words can ever express the fast of scrambler. It was an amazing experience for me! But, I don’t know how it is for my colleagues. But, I wonder the kids on scrambler had no fear to climb on it and experience the marvelous.


Then, we have moved to game zone, which is consists of several playing tools. We played Car Race, Water Race, Motor Cycle Race and many more. More laughs at heart. After playing games we have moved to restaurant to have dinner. In the dinner we had “ENCHILADA” and more things but I really can’t remember all the name of food, because, those words are tongue-twister.


Keep COOL!! 🙂


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