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Davinci the master piece

August 14, 2006

I was really surprised in looking at the creations of Leonardo Da Vinci – The Master piece for all time my favourite. I have wrote several articles about this giant thinker.
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Master Piece all time!
I am sure you are very aware of Da Vinci. But, Da Vinci not only the artist but also the scientist. Because his drawings are led the inventors to create a Helicopter and so many new technological era equipments. Which are more useful this time and for all time. I am here really inspired by his intellectual. He is a giant thinking creature, who is always dream about tommarrow better world.

Just Look art his MonaLisa drawings. (Several people claim that the person in this drawing is Da Vinci – I don’t know, What about you?)
Mona Lisa

How amazing piece of work! Lets have some bio-data of Da Vinci.

  • Born: 15 April 1452
  • Birthplace: Vinci, Italy
  • Died: 2 May 1519 (natural causes)

I have go through a essay about Da Vinci couple of days ago. The essay is discribe the mystery achievements of Da Vinci. Let us to share an extract from the essay.

Much of the reason for the apparent mystery of his ideas about technology is that he wrote and drew them in coded notebooks that, although he worked on them for much of his adult life, were never sufficiently organized to decode and publish. Indeed, most pages of the notebooks were not published until late in the 19th century. All his life he found it difficult to complete a task, even abandoning paintings for which he had been paid. Single pages of the famous notebooks, although nearly all written so that each deals with a separate chain of thought, often slip from one topic to another.

The people with fame never expire from the universe until the extinction of the universe. Leonardo da Vinci means “Leonardo from the town of Vinci,” and thus he is generally referred to in short as “Leonardo” rather than as “da Vinci”.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticationLeonardo Da Vinci


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  1. luz elena gonzales permalink

    leonardo was a exelent people “I love”

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