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Sticker Watch

August 30, 2006

This is another cool stuff I have found on Worth While Web. (WWW) You may wonder why I am use to say WWW as Worth While Web rather than World Wide Web. There are several reasons. But the major reason is Internet is the Mega no.. no… Giga no.. no.. Tera no.. no.. !! Huge information base for all time. Let me to have the news about funny thing.

WatchThis is all about a watch. But it’s working by the body heat. Hard to beleive!! But, this is true. This watch is Non-permanent, self-gumming, watch “TIMEFLEX” designed for using in situations when individual time control is necessary, but personal watch is difficult to access. For example, swimming, sunbathing, working in laboratory, during going info sport(Skis, snowboard, mountaineering) & other sitiations where man uses working clothe.

Have a look at this picture I have found on WWW by googling…
Sticker Watch


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  1. Hi,
    Hard to believe but its true. Modern science has done a great progress so we have to be prepared for yet another stunning creations. Thanx to share these pics here at your site. My friend was telling about this watch yesterday but i was doubtful bcoz he used to see science fiction movies. But its confirmed now.
    Keep Posting
    Pakpics 😀

  2. Kathy permalink

    Thanks for the great site i really enjoyed it!

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