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Yo Yo MP3 Player

August 31, 2006

Today I got something funny but real. Feel free to have a news about MP3 Player which is designed as Yo Yo.

Yo Yo Powered MP3 Player is the winner of the Pop Sci and Core77 challenge to create a human-powered device. So what do you do if you see the low battery light ? Start Yo-yoing around 10 -12 tosses and you are good to go. Dont worry about the headphones while you yo-yo as Bluetooth wireless headphones are included for your hearing pleasure. Obviously, the REGEN concept is designed with durability in mind. If you hit the floor or the wall accidentally while doing your fancy tricks, your player will be fine. It has a capacity of 200 songs and is very simple to use

YO YO MP3 Player

Fashion has no rules… It’s true…!!


One Comment
  1. Hi Zeezat, 😀
    Mind blowing! i am planning to buy an Mp3 player but now i will stop doing that untill its available in kuwaiti market. I love buying something unique.
    Well i like this post. You are going through a right way.
    keep posting!
    Imran Khan

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