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Something.. Something… Cloning…

September 5, 2006

By googling the cyber zone I have enough time to refer a article in a website which is all about a cloning. You may very aware about cloning. But news is published on the month of July.

Here I am going to paste the story for you…

Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk said on Tuesday he spent part of private donations for his research in failed attempts to clone mammoths, extinct members of the elephant family.

Hwang, once celebrated as a national hero, was indicted in May on charges of fraud and embezzlement after prosecutors said he was the mastermind of a scheme to make it look like his team had produced stem cell lines through cloning human embryos.

At the third hearing in his trial in Seoul, Hwang said his team was given a 1 billion won ($1.05 million) grant from South Korea’s powerful SK Group in 2005 and the money was supposed to be used for “peripheral activities related to the research.”

When a prosecutor asked Hwang if the money landed in a personal account, Hwang did not deny the possibility but said: “I did have the money managed separately.”

Hwang also said he used the names of seven junior members of his team to set up bank accounts. He controlled the money and used part of it to clone tigers, pay for a junior scientist’s housing, overseas trips for team members and for a scientist’s wedding.

“We secured mammoth tissues from glaciers and tried cloning three times, but failed,” Hwang said.

He also admitted to often withdrawing tens of thousands of dollars in cash at different bank branches and carrying it in suitcases that contained his surgical gowns because “some of it had to go to uses of a highly classified nature,” he said.

In February, South Korea’s Board of Audit and Inspection said in a report more than 1.8 billion won from private contributions was deposited into Hwang’s personal accounts and Hwang drew from the accounts for non-research purposes.

Hwang again apologized for the fraud in his team’s work but said he was duped by junior researchers into believing the team had made breakthroughs.

“I apologize 100 times over for the trouble (I) caused. But I was cheated and I cheated, and I am as sad about it as anyone,” he said.


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