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How to create a nameless file!!

September 25, 2006

Oops.. Do you got the idea about the title. This is so cool. What’s up! Here I am going to tell something very funny.

Do you know how to create a file without a name. See the word document icon in the picture!!

Nameless File

This is how I create that file Simple. Just do this procedure…

  1. Selecte the File that want to appear nameless.
  2. Right Click on it.
  3. In the Context Menu select the Rename.
  4. Type 255 with holding Alt Key.
  5. Then press Enter Key.
  6. You did it.

Want to know your feedbacks. Is it funny or techie???


From → Invention

  1. Hi Zee,
    Its really great. Thanks for the knowledge. I did not know about this.
    Now i can say too, “Nice Finding”
    Keep visiting 😉
    Imran Khan

  2. funny and techie

  3. Hi jasonintx..

    Thank you for your comment. Keep visiting!

    Best Smile,

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