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Move aside Wikipedia here comes Citizendium

September 25, 2006

Information and even technology changing day by day. We have the time that Wikipedia will be the giant source of information all time in future. But, here is an announcement made by co-founder of Wikipedia Mr. Larry Sanger, that he will host a new project called “Citizendium” – which is a online encyclopedia not wikipedia.

Speaks to media Larry said:

We believe a fork is necessary, and justified, both to allow regular people a place to work under the direction of experts, and in which personal accountability – including the use of real names – is expected. In short, we want to create a responsible community and a good global citizen,

As much as this project aquire every data from the Wikipedia and find out the article’s vulnerebilities and accuracy with the help of related professionals. This procedure will hopefully make Citizendium a worth and accuracy encyclopedia rathar than Wikipedia.

But, It couldn’t to say that Wikipedia will expire when Citizendium on the go. Most people will see Citizendium as a more trustworthy version of Wikipedia and as a result will probably use it. Setting up the system will be hard but, I think, it is very possible after some hard works.

Whatever, However I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt wishes and thanks to all guys working behind Wikipedia and Citizendium. These people making information more freedom.

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