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Life may exist on Mars???!

December 7, 2006

Today I have enough time to watch soemkind of news, which more relevant to the extra terrestrial intelligence. You may wonder what is the extra-terrestrial intelligence? It’s all about the Lifes on different planets rathar than Earth.

When I am studying A/L, my Biology teacher was taught me about the possibilities of life exist in planets except Earth – the Lonely Planet we say.. What is the main Fact that have Sceinctist come alive with this kind of message? I think, Every creatures in the universe made up with Carbon, and Water (Which is Contains Oxygen and Hydrogen). When particular C,H,O molecules exist, where is the possibility for life. That is what scienctist may searching C, H and O from the planet beyond earth. Now come to my news item I’ve been read late this morning. Which is says..

“NASA finds water flowed recently on Mars”

Michael Meyer, of the NASA Mars Exploration Program, told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday, that “The Mars orbiter camera has seen changes in the surface of the planet within the last seven years, highlighting critical processes that have altered that surface, The Mars exploration program has been following the water since the mid-90s and now we have found it. Water seems to have flowed on the surface of today’s Mars.”

This statement leads a guss that are there any possible for life? The big question to be answered…

For this question I assumed a quote from the particular news source: Here is that;
“Liquid water, as you know, is of high interest to folks that are interested in looking for life in other bodies in our solar system and beyond,” said Kenneth Edgett, of the San Diego-Malin Space Science Systems, which operates a camera aboard the spacecraft.

The latest research emerged when the Global Surveyor snapped images of gullies and trenches that scientists believed were proof of recent water activity flowing down cliffs and steep crater walls.

Scientists have long been trying to prove that liquid water flowed on the surface of the Red Planet many eons ago.

“The Mars Exploration rovers, in more recent years, have been exploring rocks that are very ancient and had ground water that percolated through those rocks and altered those rocks and so we’ve had this story of ancient water on Mars,” Edgett said Wednesday.

However, It is very sure, if any lifes exist in Mars or any planet, the creatures will have more enough power and intelligence than Humans.. This is just a thought. What about you??


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  1. However, It is very sure, if any lifes exist in Mars or any planet, the creatures will have more enough power and intelligence than Humans.. This is just a thought. What about you??

    I think that is rather unlikely—there has been no evidence to suggest that. Certainly if there is intelligent life on Mars, they have done a good job of hiding themselves—if any of the Mars probes were orbiting Earth, it would pick up obvious signs of life and civilization. Of course we don’t know if there is or ever was any life on Mars, nor what other forms of life might be like…but in all likelihood, any life on Mars would probably be equivalent in complexity to our bacteria, say.

  2. I dont think that there is life on Mars. Just waste of time
    Regards 😀

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