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PED – The worlds smallest speaker

December 21, 2006

Hello all, some delay in posting new stuff during last two weeks as I were busy. Even this time I am also busy. But hopefully managed to get a small time to share a post about Smallest Speakers. I assume that you have been read my earlier post which is told about a smallest hard drive. In that post I’ve stated the invention of hard drive is done by Samsung!! This time is Panasonic making things small without having quality reduction in output of the instrument.

Do you everheard that mobile phone will smell all the surrounding and even it used user’s smell as the PIN code or Password (Can’t Beleive!! But, Awesome!!). This is will happen very soon in 2016. This was disclosed by the team who works on Nanotechnology. Prediction may lively be the true on some time! We have time to watch it all it happens!! Until these things are the only PREDICTIONS!!

Moving to PED. Panasonic Electronic Device is denoted a PED. Can you guess the size of the particular speaker??? It’s time for you to check out it!! Here I am wind up this post give you a link to read more about this worlds smallest speaker.

Have a nice cool day!!

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