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Second Anniversary of 2004 Tsunami

December 26, 2006

305px-2004-tsunami.jpgOn this day, two years ago, there was an extremely devastating calamity was occured in my hometown. People do not aware about “Tsunami” on that day, all are used to say that “Sea is coming in side the village”. But, these quotes were kidding for me as well as some of my friends too. Because I never heard about this type of scenario. But, people was very serious in their style and tell all the villagers to leave.. No option rathar than evacuvate the home on that time. Me and my family as well as all villagers vacated from our home to near village which is high land like something similar to hill country.

I had a bycycling experience to that village, which more and more far from our home town. I think It has the distance of 24 km so on. But, I did it…

These are the small part of a huge unforgetable memories of 2004 Tsunami. People will never forget this devastation until they face another disaster like this..

Two years gone.. People who affected by Tsunami still work hard to get their routine play in the early life.. Some were remaining with pshyco related disorders..

We can only see the world with positive hopes and make for it! If you do your best whatever happens will be for the best..

If do you have experience in Tsunami, just share with me by commenting in this post. I loved to hear all your hopes and aspires…

Life is a challenge, accept it…


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  1. Uma permalink

    i saw that your Tsunami… article. Is that your experience? oh. i can’t beleive it. I don’t have any experience from Tsunami but, i got very very shocked about it.

    keep posting..


  2. twine permalink

    I was in the tsunami also, me and my family were on a world trip for a year and we were on an island in thiland when it happened. we were very luky to find our bags in the sand.

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