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Open Source – He made it!!

December 28, 2006

linus_torvalds.jpgI am very fond in learning and practicing Open source issues. Because all the open source actions were enabling people to have information and knowledge as freedom. Think about the day we have no choices rathar than getting softwares from some well known companies. Which were led to us to have our likes a limit. But, when Open Source came in to rule, everything was changed and all new trends come alive to work.

People behind Open source are very curious and making things possible for more uses. The man behind the Linux – an open source operating system was Linus Torvalds, he is celebrating his 37th birthday today. He made the world to think about freedom in information and knowledge. Now, we have Wikipedia like huge info zone and Ubuntu like better operating system.

I am taking this opportunity to express my heartfelt wishes to Linus Torvalds for making things better for future..

Keep growing with positives..

For my blog readers here is the summary about Linus Torvarlds;

Linus Torvalds, Computer Scientist

  • Born: 28 December 1969
  • Birthplace: Helsinki, Finland
  • Best Known As: The guy who wrote the kernel for the Linux Operating System

In 1991 Linus Torvalds was a college student at the University of Helsinki. Starting with the basics of a Unix system, he wrote the kernel — original code — for a new system for his x86 PC that was later dubbed Linux (pronounced linn-ucks). Torvalds revealed the original source code for free — making him a folk hero among programmers — and users around the world began making additions and now continue to tweak it. Linux is considered the leader in the practice of allowing users to re-program their own operating systems.


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