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Evolving Nano trends

March 5, 2007

I had a chance to visit an exhibition which is hosted by the government in order to deliver the capabilities of country.

The exhibition premises were full of stalls with various types of innovative products. Universities and public institutions were among host. Most stalls belong to universities and educational institutions are exhibited some innovative products. Robot Technology is merely used by each and every institution.

I went to a stall, where the products which were produced by the Nano technology were exhibited. I was really surprised about the particular products.

I thought it is worth to share those products with you. I just capture those products by my Mobile phone camera. Hopefully images are in normal quality.

Here I am going to give you the chance to view those images. Here we go


>> Nano blood cell movement detector


>> Nano Fuel Saver


>> About Nano Technology


>> Nano Table Fan


>> Nano comfortable cushion


>> Nano Soap


>> Nano TiO2 illustration


>> Are you ready…?

I hope to receive comments from you.. keep rolling in your comments…

Bye for now..

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  1. Nice blog!

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