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Mobile Malware: The Next Major Tech Threat?

August 22, 2007

With the massive spread of malware to among computers via internet and storage devices, it is observed hackers or malware writers targeting mobile devices to spread the malwares.

A recent report from Symantec indicates that malware writers are increasing their efforts in the area of mobile technology. This report is merely predict what the hackers target will be in the future. In order to prevent our mobile devices from this threat, all mobile users should be aware about these attempts and ready themselves to face the risk.

In 2006, mobile threats of note included the Mobispy attack, the first known handheld spyware program tracked by security researchers.

According to anti-virus applications maker F-Secure, there are already more than 370 different wireless threats in the air, including attacks that attempt to delete data stored on handhelds and even record end-users’ phone calls.

Over the next year, security vendors expect to see new threats aimed at wireless transactional systems and users of less sophisticated handheld hardware.

Most probably, these attempts may lead to raise the attention of the tech firm who working to produce anti-malware suits to heel the present vulnerabilities found in devises.

But, mobile handheld devices have been doing a great job in everyone day to day life in enhancing efficiency and accuracy. For these piont of view, all the users should aware about the threat that they may face in the future.


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