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Healthy eating: Preventing illness

August 24, 2007

The best practise and pattern in food will give us some extra strength to work on. I used to talked about these food behaviours among my friends, they are saying that  they couldn’t find time to get their breakfast at the correct time. What makes them to be like this?

They only point out the way they work, the working frustration and busy time schedule don’t giving the time to work on, they said.

But, it is very essential to take the breakfast at the correct time. Not only breakfast but also, the every meals we take in a day.

Intense cochineal beetroot, royal purple cabbages, and indigo blueberries are all rich in anthocyanins, a pigment with natural cancer-fighting properties.

Recent studies unveiled at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston this week confirm that they are particularly good at warding off colon cancer, and that their benefits may be even farther reaching.

Now no one is suggesting that we ditch all the rest of the fruit and veg, it’s just that simply eating your greens won’t give you all the significant health bonuses to be gained from the full rainbow of produce.

For the enterprising, many of the best sources can be foraged for free. Elderberries and blackberries can be found in city parks as well as country lanes.

Take a basket on a trip to the moors in Devon or Yorkshire where wild bilberries (a delicious cousin of blueberries) are heavy on the low bushes right now and even richer in anthocyanins.

There are lots of simple ways to add a bit more blue and purple to your diet. Blueberries, already well known as a superfood, are a prime example. Chomp on a punnet of them instead of an apple, and throw a few on your cereal in the morning.

Red salad leaves and cabbage are just as tasty as their green counterparts, and look out for purple carrots, rich in flavour as well as colour.

It’s time to have a regular non-volatile schdule for meals  and make ourself with nutrition and healthy.


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