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Praying for the survival from Tsunami

September 13, 2007

Yesterday a news hit all over the world and very firmly in South east Asia. What is that? It is all about Tsunami. The major earth quake was recorded at the Sumatra region, where the 2004 Tsunami epicenter was. I am very panic about this news and I have made much effort to tell my family and friends about it and advice them take pre-cautious activities.

For the Goodness, the Tsunami never came. Here in Sri Lanka, the official instructed the people to evacuate from the coastal areas. Most of the people in the coastal area have been mode their way to safer places. 

The media and even the telecommunication specially GSM technology enabled system alerted the public to avoid coastal area.

Here I am going to give you a small piece of news culled from a web site.

The second powerful earthquake in as many days shook western Indonesia Thursday, collapsing buildings in a coastal city and triggering tsunami alerts around the region.

The latest quake was also felt in Malaysia and in Singapore where tall buildings swayed.

Rafael Abreu, a geologist with The U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado, said the magnitude-7.8 quake did not appear to be an aftershock to Wednesday’s 8.4-magnitude temblor.

The USGS said the new quake was centered about 125 miles from Bengkulu, a city on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which was ravaged by the 2004 tsunami. It occurred at a shallow depth of about six miles.

In India, officials said the tremor wasn’t felt in the remote Andaman and Nicobar islands, some of which are just 150 miles north of the quake’s epicenter. But an alert was issued and authorities were told to take precautions, said Dharam Pal, the regional relief commissioner.

Sri Lankans were told to move at least 660 feet inland.

The magnitude-9 earthquake that hit on Dec. 26, 2004, triggered a tsunami off the coast of Sumatra that killed an estimated 230,000people in a dozen nations, most of them in Indonesia’s Aceh province.

Thank god making us safe from devastation. I can’t imagine a day with Tsunami.

Praying for a life without Tsunami like disaster, it’s very terrible to explain what can a Tsunami do. I am wordless as I was one of witness of 2004 Tsunami.


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