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Apple iPhone fever begins to grow

November 9, 2007

Apple iPhone has attracted all the fans all over the world. Today is the important day for people in UK to get down to business with Aplle.

I saw an interesting vedio clip which demonstrates the cool effects of iPhone can make. I am really ehcnanted by its way works. I hope to buy one when it comes to our country – Sri Lanka.

The enthuasiasm of people towards the iPhone is very big. I can remember the snaps which have been taken from the USA launch was telling about people willingness to get an iPhone.

One of my friend in UK has said to me via phone, that he and four of his friends have get together to get the iPhone. They are really fortunate, I hope. And also, I have asked my friend to send some snaps. Once I receive the snaps I will post it to here.

Eager customers have begun queuing outside the Apple Store in Regent Street, London, despite the poor weather conditions.

But there are concerns that consumers are only able to use the phone with one mobile network.

In the UK the phone will only work on O2’s network, while in Germany T-Mobile will support the device.

Happy iPhone’ing to UK and Geramny Apple fans!


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