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The power of forgiveness

April 18, 2008
Normally, people find hard time to forgive the people who have made wrongs. But, once we developed the ability to forgive people it gives us most enhanced power to be with among people. And also, we can be the nicer people in any cliques.

Forgiveness is a power and it is not come within itself. It has to be practiced all in our day lives and make the sense of being the nice people around.

This is an abstract that gives you, what forgiveness meant to be.

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Overcoming adversity through force is only half way winning the battle, but by overcoming adversity through love, is a complete victory. Let go of anger and resentment by writing a letter of forgiveness to a person who has hurt or wronged you. Inability to forgive is associated with persistent rumination or dwelling on revenge, while forgiving allows us to move on.

Forgiveness is a benefit to ourselves and not necessarily to the participant of the wrong doing. It allows us to let go of bad feelings, reclaiming our personal power and teaches us to look for positive opportunities in all situations. Practicing forgiveness takes time and effort, and does not happen overnight, as with anything of a self improvement nature. Learning to forgive can reduce stress, anger, depression, and lower blood pressure. Forgiveness is linked with higher self-esteem, better moods and happier relationships.


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