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My Playground in Cyberspace

May 19, 2008

Since I am journaling my thoughts and hopes in the cyaberspace and diary, I thought of having a personal domain name of myself with my all details.

Finally I come up with the name called NIRAM. Niram means colour in Tamil language. The way I see my life is not radical but, positive. I hope to share what I really feel about something. I have started to blog on the issues that impact on my routine tasks and people minds. When I decided to start a blog in Tamil, I look for better names, ultimately I end up with a great colour that – NIRAM.

Colours are playing a major role in our day today life. We tend to see the feeling or attitude of something by looking at its colour. Because the colour has its own set of unwritten rules so called “Ezhuthappadaatha Vithihal”. What I am really inspired at colours, there are plenty of colours available in the nature, that can be help us to have some calmness within us. How miracle energy that colours can hold with itself.

I am always wondering at the way of colours impact on every person’s life. So, I finally decided to own a name in colour thus, NIRAM. I’ve searched for it.

I found that NIRAM.ORG can be my domain. I purchased it and host my home page, where I have listed all my (not all my – there are plenty of things still pending to be revealed) works in cyberspace. I hope you can have a better picture of mine by looking at what I have really fond of with technological aspects.

Feel free to visit my own domain and its stuffs and don’t forget to leave me a comment.

Have a nice day. I hope to resume my routine writing at my blog very soon.

Thanks pals.

– Zeezat

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