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Being nice person

May 21, 2008

Since, I have subscribed for BBC Daily Email, as usual today morning I got an email with bunch of links to the news articles. I just go through all the headlines that were there and its short description. But, for me one headline stands out of the box. Its all about nice.

How nice that article has described about the nice. Being a nice person is somewhat difficult these days. I assume that all the hyper busy schedule has made ourselves to becoming a machine. We are scare about what to do and how to do. We just do because if the situation wants that something to be done in a particular time, we are always on the go to do it. This is where we have lose our control.

I don’t think being nice person is the issues between the people or society and us. Meaning of ‘nice’ word seems to have it full definition the people and society’s atmosphere.

In this particular article there are many remarkable quotes are been stated. Just have look and feel at that article and let me know your comments.

Try to be a nice person yourself. But, anciently the word ‘nice’ had been used state the foolish and silly according to BBC article.

Here is the link for the particular article.

What’s the point of niceness? [BBC Magazine article]


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