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I’ve fallen in love

May 22, 2008

I am really fond of knowing what the tech gurus think about their future business model. There are plenty of web related services are coming along with most great services. Believe me, Google is sure for it elegance and innovative approach to the web.

Last night while I was doing some writings, I thought of the people who made the world so small so called hamlet. Its very much miracle the way people live in this technological era. What makes them to be tick? I am so fond of knowing it. Hope it would be secret.

I’ve imagined myself in bigger roles for the future. Since I am working with really complicated stuff with ease, comes only by my intension that took me to learn all about the way a particular thing works. If we have an intension to get something to be done in a given period of time, we can. As I have learned this from my life experiences.

Making my thoughts clear and being the curiosity guy, I always love to know myself. By knowing myself, am able to make my career path a smooth. If we can know ourselves very clearly, where we can make other people to think about themselves, as our activities will impact their perception to the life.

I have dreams. The dreams have made me to come to my present time, where I feel contentment about life, though I learn things new every day. I never knew that people don’t dream about their future. They do, which a best thing.

Regularly I used to update myself. In order to fulfill my dreams, it’s very much important to get my soul to prepare. Learning is endless. How I can avoid myself to being updated with latest things? This is very much essential thing, I believe.

I have fallen in love with my dreams, which will help me to be an ambitious character. Do you believe in your dreams? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. yes, i do believe in my dreams and that we are not placed in this world just to get an education, get a job, earn some, save some, and then die. we all have the potential of being the best that we can be in this lifetime.

    thank you for dropping by my blog at the broken coffee cafe. 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot feyoh.

    Keep visiting my blog ASPIRATIONZ.

    Best smile,

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