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What goes around comes around

May 28, 2008

Yesterday, there was a heavy rain with thundering here in my place. All I have to saw is people rushing to their places rapidly no matter what rain gets stormy. Umbrella is an absolute solution for them to be safe from rain water. Some people seem to carry umbrella all the time with them, but others don’t.

I saw more people make their bags, and documents to cover their head. But, some people even don’t bother about the rain they are on the street without any umbrella or cover. I am really fond of wet myself with rain. But, yesterday I were away from my home, I couldn’t do anything for experience the rainy session.

For me, rain is a grace; it gives beauty to the entire earth. I love the smell of wet earth and watered plants and flowers. But, I missed that exquisite smell here in my new place, where no sandy lands available.

I can remember, when I am at my hometown, I have seen floods making their way in some areas. I used to visit those areas with an umbrella (Umbrella seems very large – my father used to call it – “Family Size Umbrella”). If there is rainy day in my village, I can smell that ‘scent’ coming from wet earth. It’s really nice and amazing. No one can imitate that smell; it’s very unique at least.

Watered plants get itself a boost and look very much fresh indeed. For me, a flower with water drops seems a marvelous thing. It’s something on it for inspiration. Have you ever wondered at such type of flower? When I see such flower in real or image, am refresh my thoughts. It is such a wonderful thing. Normally flowers are well known for its softness, hence, they have much features to attract people’s heart.

I just want share, a smell, which is always an odor that couldn’t be produce anyone else, but wet earth. What goes around comes around; I believe that I can smell it once I reached my village on my vacation. Life is always gives us much things to learn and play, but it seems people simply avoid those scenarios. What is your experience in terms of rain and smell that comes from wet earth, when rain start to smashes earth by its drops for the first time?

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