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Decision: The begining of all means

June 24, 2008

What if, I have to start my day with arranging my table. I have to decide the time that I should do it. Finding time can be hard one ever, as we all have set much things in our routine to accomplish. Since, deciding the time and the method I have to work with is somewhat crucial for me, for the day.

You might tell, there is nothing to with this. But, there are some. In order to do a task, we have to plan, while we planning events, we might miss several processes that already planned by us. Life is full of great challenges.

Decision is vital element of everything. We may gain something and lose something by making a decision. Its all about power that rules the life. Don’t you think? While we set our mind to focus on a decision, it’ll lead us to feel is consequences. That may be positive or negative. Decision is not the synonym of conclusion or end. Its the begining of all means.

We have more choices in life. We are choosers of the option. Here choosing process is becoming as decision making. Decision is what we can imagine a better tomorrow. But, everytime it won’t happen. But, we might have the intension to get benefitted from our decision. If I feel sad, may be my decison might led to this point. If I am happy, that is all about the decison I have made.

But, there are several scenarios where we can’t involve in the decision making process. We can’t choose our parents. We can’t choose our colour and so on. But, this is not affect the life that we live on. It’s all about emotions and surrounding. When it comes to mind and soul, we have the freedom to make decision, hence it should led to the happiness. The decison is that much crucila in everyday life.

Decision making is one the most wanted strategy that counts many of the corporate individuals’ way of interaction. They are making decision to begin the process of earning extra bucks for the company or lose extra bucks on behalf of the company. This is merely upon in their choice. Let’s try to learn the art of decision making, which led us to have flourish begining of our wonderful life.

Best smile,

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  1. Interesting blog- wish you luck!!!

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