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Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” – Review

May 11, 2009

Open Source and its pace of evolving is growing as fast as it can. I am a fan and a somewhat user of Ubuntu – Linux Operating System since the inception of it. Recently Ubuntu has released its New version Called “Jaunty Jackalope: 9.04″, the name looks ridiculous but It holds lots of great features in it.

Here I am going to list what I like most in terms of new Ubuntu 9.04 version, which is I am currently using in my laptop with Windows Vista.

Tip: You can install the Ubuntu as an application in Windows Vista using handy Wubi application, which is very smart, easy and powerful. It takes only 15 minutes to set up Ubuntu and run on your system as an operating system, while you get no worried about losing any of your file or setting on Windows Vista.

First things first, I was really amazed at the boot time that Ubuntu has consume to start in my computer. Its phenomenal. That was great boost for this new version. If I am not wrong, It just took me around 20 seconds to boot. Amazing boy! Fastest boot time ever, I reckon.


Other nice feature that I felt love with Ubuntu new version was ‘Mac like notifications’ on the top right corner, with a nice chime sound. It gave me feeling that I am using a Macbook Pro. Stunning feature. Since, the notifications haven’t got any different model from each other, thus sometimes it bit confusing, where these notifications come from and which application is related to it.


Always I love the Pidgin IM, which comes with Ubuntu. Pidgin IM was a really great tool to connect to friends and family in one place no matter what IM service they use. This application was good at working and making things better.

A Computer Janitor program has been added to the System menu. This is to help clear-up cruft, such as old packages that are no longer needed. But, I don’t think it’ll going make big difference in terms of organizing the applications in Ubuntu.


To remove old packages, simply type,

sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove

at the command-line executing the Terminal in Ubuntu.

System Monitor that incorporated with Ubuntu was fantastic as always, and it gives most information at a glance. The graphical visual presentation of graphs and data are simply superb.


Since the new features come with Ubuntu 9.04 was really simple and smart. As a whole, day by day Ubuntu gets in to its aspiration to become a source of human friendly linux agent of all time.

Ubuntu getting better on and on and on. We can wait for some ground making features coming up with upcoming 9.10 version.

  1. 9.04 has renewed my interest in Ubuntu. I started to lose interest from 8.04 to 8.10 …but for some reason 9.04 brought it all back to focus.

    • Yep.. Ubuntu becoming more and more powerful with its new version. Wish Ubuntu a luck always. 🙂 Thank you deralaand for your comment.

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