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Native Language is your life!

August 10, 2009

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Language is the vital part of our lives where it acts as major element of describing and communicating our thoughts and feeling to one another. Having said that, there are many languages have been disappeared from the world. This is because of those particular languages are failed to get attraction from people and societies to adopt.

According to Wikipedia, language is “the form of communication considered peculiar to humankind”. Without languages human couldn’t able to make sense in their lives and others, I reckon.

When it comes to life, generally everyone knows at least a language to communicate with others. The more languages you know, the more you understand about the societies, cultures and most importantly you will have more opportunities on the go. Recent years, there is a mania thing attributed to English language, where it has become the more powerful language to learn.

Most of the people around the world are believe that by learning English language they can have better life. Obviously, each and everyone very much familiar and adopt to their native language and that is the only language where they can deliver their thoughts as it is. Languages are blend with social and cultural background, where the idioms we use in languages differ from one another. Sometimes, same idioms may have different meanings in different languages.

Recently I’ve came across an amazing and clear presentation from my all time favourite TED. The presentation was all about the world’s English mania, where the presenter Jay Walker explains why two billion people are trying to learn English language.

Walker argues that English not the language that will dominate all other languages, but it has become the language of problem solving. But, he is very clear at that native language is the most vital part in everyone’s life. In his five minutes of crystal clear presentation, he makes audience to feel what all about this English mania and eventually he succeeded in his task. Have your valuable five minutes to watch this presentation and feel the difference. Hope you will like it as much as I do. Worth a watch!

What do you feel about this presentation? Recently, TED has announced about their new innovative move of Open Translation Project, where all the TED talks will sooner available in most of the languages. Its a great idea worth spreading. There are plenty of talks have been already translated to many languages and counting. Localization of ideas and technologies is very important to define the power of ideas and technologies.

The idea is most precious stage of every task, without any idea how can one accomplish the task? TED is a nice place where you can have all insights of people who have made changes in the world. I thought TED is an idea worth spreading. 🙂

Update: You can have a clean list of all talks at TED using this spreadsheet, which is automattically update every 5 minutes. Hope this list might help you to get most of the inspiration and ideas on the go as shared in TED. Happy sharing folks!

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