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An Anthology

In my early days, I am managed to get time to write essays and poems in my mother tongue and English. Oops. You may have a question? I got it? What is my mother tongue? Is it right?

My mother tongue is Tamil language. Now you may wonder about this weblog name. ENATHU (எனது) is a Tamil word, which means “My”. So, thoughts of mine can be replaced with Did you got the idea?

I am not here to taught the Tamil language. I just want to share my English poems, which were published on a weekend English national newspaper.

Here are some poems, if you like these poems make a comment….

Note: These poems were written in 1998 and 1999.


We get on the Bus
And start to rush
About to Tricomalee
We are also very jolly

Bus is stopped at points
It is called checkpoints
The passengers
Are also very joyous

We meet at the Kallaru Bridge
And many laughs at heart
We play music
And our friends sing along

In Trinco I was cold
But, Trinco climate isn’t cold
We went to Trinco port
And to look at the Ravannan Cut

We also went to Trinco beach
It looked like a golden beach
My inaugural boat ride
On the sea with my friends

We met some Village Friends
They also co-operated with us
We saw a Hot water spring
In Uppuveli it was so hot

Koneshwera Temple is beautiful!
Wonderful! Oh.. wonderful!
We are more delighted
Our procession is completed.


I’m born in a piece of land,
It was full of unusual sand
It is surrounded by forest
But, everyone is honest

There are no problems at all
It was made in a new world
There are many colleges
Where students get knowledge

Everyone does important cultivation
And do their work without obstruction
I’ve got great desire seriously
Search for a day to destroy hate’s folly

We have a very sacred place
That is to me, my village


We urgently need peace
So, we live in harmony
Will the white doves fly?
We will not see the grisly

We don’t like division
We are all Sri Lankan
Conflict causes divisions
Shatters our community to pieces

We must live in communion
And establish a bright generation
We must all assemble
To destroy all that’s terrible

We don’t like these pieces
We want to live in Peace


Teachers give education
That makes a good generation
We all respect teachers
It’s a very good habit
Wisdom is a teacher’s goal
That is what they want for all
A pupil’s progress
Is a teacher’s happiness
To protect the resources of the nation
That is through teacher’s cooperation


Patience creates modesty
That is full of majesty
Patience is a virtue
This is very good for you

We will meet future challenges
With good education and knowledge
With good conduct and endurance
And above all patience


The world is very beautiful
With many highlands
And so many fossils
With many great seas
Tall high-rise buildings
And many noble people
Not all are optimistic though
Some have many doubts
I am fascinated with landscape
No words can ever express
The magic of this world
I have no words to describe

The island of Lanka

In the world there are
Many islands and oceans
An island is a land mass
Surrounded by the sea

Golden beaches and temples
That makes this island so lovely
The cool slopes of the hill country
Covered by tea, so green

This island has verdant greenery
And wild life in parks
It is a paradise for visitors
Who always want to return

This island is so beautiful
A diversity of natural wonders
So much I have to say about it
But, words simply escape me

The gaming spirit

The spirit of games gives fitness and pleasure
A pleasure amongst youngsters
And a very good habit
Games are the true alleviation
Of man’s hesitation
Games also keep alive
The achievements of past heroes
Heroes must accept winning
And losing alike
Games promote health…
And sometimes… wealth
So come on everyone, get up and play
It is a subject you should not delay

The Shadow

I have a black shadow
It can be seen in a meadow
The shadow is just like me,
It also always travels with me

The shadow is sometimes tallest
And at times, smallest
At night, the shadow is out
But in light, it grows out

Everyday I lose my shadow
In the heat of afternoon
I like my shadow so much,
Because he is my best pal ever

The Cloud

Oh! Come on every one
See the blue sky
The clouds are alone
Turn your eyes to the bright sky

In rainy seasons,
They are dark and gloomy
In sunny seasons
They are bright and cheery

Clouds change shape every day
Some bird-like, some drooping
They delight and enthrall
The can be larger than land
When showers abound
Say this message aloud

Loss is just a warning

Loss is lead ore.
Defeat is alleviation of the defect.
Loss is the education that points out our wrongs
and makes ourselves ready to face the coming
Loss is a college that taught truth to our society.
Loss is just warning, but it is a stairway to reach victory.
Loss makes you noble.

A doleful dream

I went to another planet
With the help of a bullock cart
Then searched for noble people there,
But unfortunately, I’m thrown by
Jealous people, then
I drop into the Pacific Ocean
And down deep in it.
I meet up with the “Titanic” ruins.
But, also saw many ghosts.
I got really afraid
And cried aloud.
After a short while
My mother asks “What’s wrong?”
“Why are you crying?”
Then I realize, I have seen a dream
And fallen from the bed

Keep visiting and share your thoughts and comments on these poems! I am very intend to have your comments… See you!!

  1. மை டைம்ஸ் ஏரியாவுல ரொம்பத்தான்…. போங்க!

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