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My Times

I am very keen in ICT so called Information and Communication Technology. Thus, I am an ICT enthusiast.

I am always updating my knowledge related to ICT, hence the ICT matters often changes.

I have started to learn about ICT in 1995. But, there is no Computer in my area on that particular period. But, other ICT equipments such as Television and Radio are available in those days.

I have a most powerful computer from 1995 it is updated regularly with latest hardware and software. Believe me!! You may think I am richest man in that area!! Hard to believe!! This is not a kidding. It is absolutely true!! You are now confused with my talk!

This is how my computer updates in regular intervals with latest software and hardware. I have no computer in 1995 as my whole village hasn’t got a computer! But, I had a powerful computer. How is it happen? It is very simple. Just Imagine!

I had a computer in my mind and I am worked with that Computer regularly with the updated information. If there is new software I am very fond in knowing the software and its features and update my powerful (MIND) computer. Also, if there is new hardware I am getting info from magazines and news about the features and performances of the particular hardware and update my mind computer. So I have a powerful computer as there is no Computer in my village in 1996.

The time has changed. Trends are begun to rule. Now, almost half of the villagers are using computers in offices, schools and internet cafes. Most houses are fully featured with a computer. Now all people are aware about computer.

But, they are usually admitted that the usage of internet is a sensitive matter. This is a superstitious!!

The cyber zone is fully loaded with everything. The case handling is very simple!! Make our hopes towards a better world and work hard for it. We’ll be there in some time. Keep on trying. There is only need of courage and effort then the life will live for you forever.

This is I am. Not you!! 🙂

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