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Decision: The begining of all means

What if, I have to start my day with arranging my table. I have to decide the time that I should do it. Finding time can be hard one ever, as we all have set much things in our routine to accomplish. Since, deciding the time and the method I have to work with is somewhat crucial for me, for the day.

You might tell, there is nothing to with this. But, there are some. In order to do a task, we have to plan, while we planning events, we might miss several processes that already planned by us. Life is full of great challenges.

Decision is vital element of everything. We may gain something and lose something by making a decision. Its all about power that rules the life. Don’t you think? While we set our mind to focus on a decision, it’ll lead us to feel is consequences. That may be positive or negative. Decision is not the synonym of conclusion or end. Its the begining of all means.

We have more choices in life. We are choosers of the option. Here choosing process is becoming as decision making. Decision is what we can imagine a better tomorrow. But, everytime it won’t happen. But, we might have the intension to get benefitted from our decision. If I feel sad, may be my decison might led to this point. If I am happy, that is all about the decison I have made.

But, there are several scenarios where we can’t involve in the decision making process. We can’t choose our parents. We can’t choose our colour and so on. But, this is not affect the life that we live on. It’s all about emotions and surrounding. When it comes to mind and soul, we have the freedom to make decision, hence it should led to the happiness. The decison is that much crucila in everyday life.

Decision making is one the most wanted strategy that counts many of the corporate individuals’ way of interaction. They are making decision to begin the process of earning extra bucks for the company or lose extra bucks on behalf of the company. This is merely upon in their choice. Let’s try to learn the art of decision making, which led us to have flourish begining of our wonderful life.

Best smile,

This is how we interact with Web 2.0

On last Friday, I just googled for something related to php and things, those made WWW a boom, ultimately I came across with an interesting youtube video. There is a saying “Picture is worth than thousand words”. When it comes to video it can be a real validator to give the idea, what the message should known to be.

Web 2.0 is the culture, where crowd powered media has established so far. The marketing of web 2.0 products is merely done by the users not by the people who have start the business. This process may sounds strange for you but, this is true. When user gets interesting with particular web 2.0 services, he/she may intend to tell his/her collegueas to check it out. Word of mouth is the prominent and reliable way to spread the message between likely people and its the best form of advertising. Web 2.0 is sets all its standards to work with users and where users can contribute to the service and enhance the way the service be best can be.

The video says all about web 2.0 and things just in 2 minutes. What you say is as important as how you say it – this is the message that video holds itself. So here you go watch this clip and feel what web 2.0 and learn how you have contributed to this culture so far, unknowingly 😉 .

The Machine is Us/ing Us

What goes around comes around

Yesterday, there was a heavy rain with thundering here in my place. All I have to saw is people rushing to their places rapidly no matter what rain gets stormy. Umbrella is an absolute solution for them to be safe from rain water. Some people seem to carry umbrella all the time with them, but others don’t.

I saw more people make their bags, and documents to cover their head. But, some people even don’t bother about the rain they are on the street without any umbrella or cover. I am really fond of wet myself with rain. But, yesterday I were away from my home, I couldn’t do anything for experience the rainy session.

For me, rain is a grace; it gives beauty to the entire earth. I love the smell of wet earth and watered plants and flowers. But, I missed that exquisite smell here in my new place, where no sandy lands available.

I can remember, when I am at my hometown, I have seen floods making their way in some areas. I used to visit those areas with an umbrella (Umbrella seems very large – my father used to call it – “Family Size Umbrella”). If there is rainy day in my village, I can smell that ‘scent’ coming from wet earth. It’s really nice and amazing. No one can imitate that smell; it’s very unique at least.

Watered plants get itself a boost and look very much fresh indeed. For me, a flower with water drops seems a marvelous thing. It’s something on it for inspiration. Have you ever wondered at such type of flower? When I see such flower in real or image, am refresh my thoughts. It is such a wonderful thing. Normally flowers are well known for its softness, hence, they have much features to attract people’s heart.

I just want share, a smell, which is always an odor that couldn’t be produce anyone else, but wet earth. What goes around comes around; I believe that I can smell it once I reached my village on my vacation. Life is always gives us much things to learn and play, but it seems people simply avoid those scenarios. What is your experience in terms of rain and smell that comes from wet earth, when rain start to smashes earth by its drops for the first time?

Things happen for a reason

Today I woke up early in the morning, where birds started to sing and sun started to rise. What I really wondered is the way the people have make their living for each day. For weekdays, they go to office and come to home and sleep. This routine schedule continues until the Saturday. Weekends they used to go to park or somewhere and come home and sleep.

Do we really need this type of routine tasks? I don’t think so. There are many many things in the world that are really important to know. We have to aware of those things as much as we can. Since, the life has a small span to live, where we can’t acquire all the stuff on the go. But, certain extent we can, at least.

When I talking with strangers, they are really look confused while hearing my stats on world affairs. When I was told to my friend early this week via phone about the China’s earthquake and its aftermath. He is clueless about it. Shame.. really. He used to say he can’t concentrate those stuff, because of his hyper busy work schedule. Do we really want to be an employee in whole our life rather than learner. Machine can do whatever the things that assigned for it. But we human beings.

Life is an adventure, where we have to look everything and face every obstacles as it is. If we avoid exposing ourselves from the world or challenges of life, we might caught by fate, that’s for sure. Life is always wanting us to live it in a way where others can get something in the way we lived. We have everything in the universe. But, we tend to complain we have nothing to live with. Is it fair?

I never knew that some people don’t aware of the world affairs and nature. But, the way people act in the day today life shows me, which can exist forever. Eventually, there is a reason for everything. I believe in that we have to reasoning the things that happening in our atmosphere. However, I am really fond of knowing what is the reason for people look clueless about their social affairs – so called world incidents? If there is a reason for everything, there might be a reason for that as well.

I’ve fallen in love

I am really fond of knowing what the tech gurus think about their future business model. There are plenty of web related services are coming along with most great services. Believe me, Google is sure for it elegance and innovative approach to the web.

Last night while I was doing some writings, I thought of the people who made the world so small so called hamlet. Its very much miracle the way people live in this technological era. What makes them to be tick? I am so fond of knowing it. Hope it would be secret.

I’ve imagined myself in bigger roles for the future. Since I am working with really complicated stuff with ease, comes only by my intension that took me to learn all about the way a particular thing works. If we have an intension to get something to be done in a given period of time, we can. As I have learned this from my life experiences.

Making my thoughts clear and being the curiosity guy, I always love to know myself. By knowing myself, am able to make my career path a smooth. If we can know ourselves very clearly, where we can make other people to think about themselves, as our activities will impact their perception to the life.

I have dreams. The dreams have made me to come to my present time, where I feel contentment about life, though I learn things new every day. I never knew that people don’t dream about their future. They do, which a best thing.

Regularly I used to update myself. In order to fulfill my dreams, it’s very much important to get my soul to prepare. Learning is endless. How I can avoid myself to being updated with latest things? This is very much essential thing, I believe.

I have fallen in love with my dreams, which will help me to be an ambitious character. Do you believe in your dreams? Tell me in the comments.

Being nice person

Since, I have subscribed for BBC Daily Email, as usual today morning I got an email with bunch of links to the news articles. I just go through all the headlines that were there and its short description. But, for me one headline stands out of the box. Its all about nice.

How nice that article has described about the nice. Being a nice person is somewhat difficult these days. I assume that all the hyper busy schedule has made ourselves to becoming a machine. We are scare about what to do and how to do. We just do because if the situation wants that something to be done in a particular time, we are always on the go to do it. This is where we have lose our control.

I don’t think being nice person is the issues between the people or society and us. Meaning of ‘nice’ word seems to have it full definition the people and society’s atmosphere.

In this particular article there are many remarkable quotes are been stated. Just have look and feel at that article and let me know your comments.

Try to be a nice person yourself. But, anciently the word ‘nice’ had been used state the foolish and silly according to BBC article.

Here is the link for the particular article.

What’s the point of niceness? [BBC Magazine article]

Record number take UK citizenship

This is all about stats, according to BBC news story, UK has issued recorded number of citizenship last year.

Just look at the figures, which say all about the story at a glance.

A record 164,635 people were granted British citizenship last year, government figures have shown.

Separate Home Office figures showed the number of asylum applications in the first three months of 2008, 6,595, rose 16% on the same period last year.